Heritage Hack Connections

Under construction, 07 July 2016
This page is likely to be messy and incomplete. Check back later.

A workshop to get people thinking about the possibilities of cultural heritage data in the lead up to GovHack 2016.

Play time

Headline Roulette

I like to start off workshops with a quick round of Headline Roulette both because it’s fun (I hope) and because it gets us thinking about different ways we might use and explore cultural heritage data. In this case, Headline Roulette is drawing information about digitised newspaper articles from the Trove API.

Hacking heritage?


GovHack is an open data competition – people get together and build stuff. But what’s a ‘hack’ and how can we apply the concept to cultural heritage data? How do we explore new contexts and frame interesting questions?

Where’s the data?



API Console

One API, 400 million records.

But what’s missing?


But there are always gaps and biases. How can we avoid simply reinforcing existing perspectives?

DIY Datasets

Gadfly covers

We shouldn’t be content with what we’re given. Assembling our own datasets gives us more insight into their contents and contexts. It’s also useful for offline analysis.


Diggers' Diaries

Data doesn’t just come delivered via spreadsheets and APIs. Digitised texts can be explored for patterns and possibilities.



Digital images are also data – what new perspectives can we extract from them?

No to low code

Some tools you can start building with straight away.


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