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National Archives of Australia
A6954, 3

‘Access to Archives - General’

File viewed: 15 April 2016

Mainly related to ‘out of custody’ archives as illustrated by the Sissons case.

Undated, ‘Questions of access to Commonwealth Archives and of ownership of archives “out of custody”‘

Identifies a series of questions about departmental responsibilities and custody.

Copied in full. 5 pp.

Undated, Harold White to Sec, AGs

Seeking advice on out of custody records.

Copied in full. 2pp.

Undated, White to Sec AGs

Comments of the Sissons case.

Copied in full. 1pp.

21 June 1956, AH Tange, Sec EA, to White.

Comments on Sisson’s thesis and his access to records post 1903.

Copied in full. 1pp.

Commonwealth Archives Committee, ‘Report ona case which has raised access questions and related issues’, Submitted by the Commonwealth National Library at the 37th meeting on 12 November 1956.

Detailed summary of the Sissons case.

Copied in full. 2pp.

9 April 1956, Letter from Foxcroft to Sec PMs, (also in NAA: A6954, 2)


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A6954 Sissons