Heritage of the Air

ARC funded Linkage project LP160101232, 'Heritage of the air: how aviation transformed Australia'

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LP160101232 Associate Professor Tracy Ireland; Professor Ross Gibson; Associate Professor Tim Sherratt; Professor Ross Harley; Associate Professor Anne Clarke; Dr Peter Hobbins; Dr Mitchell Whitelaw; Dr Jane Ferguson; Dr Prudence Black; Professor Paul Ashton; Dr Brett Holman; Miss Jennifer Wilson; Dr Claire Marrison Heritage of the air: how aviation transformed Australia. This project aims to generate new understandings of how aviation has transformed Australian society over the last hundred years, and how the technology of global mobility has shaped people, cultures and communities. Whilst aviation has transformed Australian society over the last hundred years, its heritage is under-appreciated and at risk. The project will build a partnership between the aviation industry, community groups, museums and a multidisciplinary academic team to develop fresh insights from under-utilised sources of aviation heritage, communicate their unique stories to the public through innovative exhibitions and publications, and help conserve it for future generations. As a result, the project will make an important contribution to culture and society by enabling community access to neglected and at-risk sources of aviation heritage, and engage the public’s fascination with aviation through new interpretations of its extraordinary social and cultural impact. 31/05/2017 University of Canberra AIRSERVICES AUSTRALIA; NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AUSTRALIA; CIVIL AVIATION HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC; SFO MUSEUM 2102 $440,000.00