Installing userscripts

Draft, 07 May 2016
This page should be in a useful state, but still needs work before it's finished.

Userscripts are little Javascript programs that run inside your web browser. They’re triggered when you visit specified websites, and can change the way these sites look and behave. Userscripts give you the power to customise your own web experience.


To run userscripts it’s best to have a script manager installed. Userscript managers are available as browser extensions:

Choose an appropriate manager and install it according to the requirements of your browser.

Once your script manager is installed you can browse sites like GreasyFork looking for useful scripts. This one , for example, adds a download button to YouTube. Just click on the green ‘Install’ button to add it to your browser.

You can also find and share userscripts as Gists. Just click on the Raw button and your script manager will ask you if you want to install the script.

Here’s a few userscripts that I’ve created shared as Gists: