UC Heritage Hack

Draft, 14 June 2016
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As part of GovHack 2016 the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research at the University of Canberra will be hosting a Heritage Hack node.

Key dates

What’s GovHack?

GovHack is an open data competition. Teams design and build apps using open government data across a single weekend.

Why a heritage hack node?

Cultural heritage data can be difficult to interpret without context or background knowledge.

Instead of just throwing datasets at developers, we want to start talking about problems and possibilities – to put people who understand the context in contact with people who can do things with the data.

Instead of just building apps, we want to build connections between cultural institutions, researchers, students, heritage practitioners, developers, designers, and creators of all types.

Who should come?

Anyone interested in working with cultural heritage data is welcome. You don’t need to be a coder to participate. This is a chance for people without technical skills to learn what’s possible and build collaborations.

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