Reply to Closed files

From National Archives of Australia to TS, 13 April 2016

Thank you for your email notifying us of a number of problems with the access metadata recorded against items in RecordSearch.

Access decisions that have the reason for restriction ‘Pre-Access Recorder’ are decisions that were made prior to the introduction of the Archives Act 1983 and where the reason for restriction didn’t map to one of the reasons for restriction set out in the Act. When we first automated our item listings, these old and now invalid restrictions were changed to ‘Pre-Access Recorder’. It is most likely that these items could now be opened, given the time elapsed since the introduction of the Archives Act, but our focus is on releasing records subject to current access applications.

To reduce confusion with these records we have changed all of these entries to Not Yet Examined. It may take a day or two for the change to appear on RecordSearch.

The other problems that you have noted may take some more time to fix. I have alerted our Access staff to these issues, and they will be rectified as resources allow.