People Australia

This application helps you find and use name authority records in the NLA's People Australia database. Of course, you can also find People Australia data through Trove, or directly through the SRU interface, but I hope this app will make it easier for people entering names in online databases or marking them up in html.


This is a work in progress – comments, suggestions and collaborators welcome!

This application uses a Python client library I've written to retrieve People Australia data via the SRU interface. The front end is built using Django and JQuery. There's some background information and more detailed instructions in this blog post.

I'm hosting this myself, so if you find it useful feel free to make a donation. Or better yet, send some work my way.


Drag this link to your browser's bookmarks toolbar:

Identify me!

Then just select the name you want to mark up and click the button.

Names in these formats will be recognised:

  • Surname
  • Surname's
  • Surname, Othernames
  • Othernames Surname
  • Othernames Surname's


If you use the bookmarklet, RDFa markup will be automagically generated using the text you selected. Just copy and paste the markup back into your page in place of the original selection.

If you don't use the bookmarklet you'll have to insert the link text yourself.

Important: If you use this RDFa markup in your own pages, make sure you include a FOAF prefix mapping somewhere. Just insert xmlns:foaf="http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/" in a tag that contains your RDFa-ised text.

For more on RDFa see:


Tim Sherratt
@wragge on Twitter