A keynote presentation by Tim Sherratt, delivered to the annual conference of the Australia and New Zealand Society of Indexers, September 2011.

You can read the full text of the presentation on my blog.

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chun chi non

kathleen spence ah lum

william chun quan

mrs choy hing

tim hitchcock

amanda french

edward ayers

the history wall

pauline ah hee

invisible australians

poon gooey

kate bagnall

charlie in 1922

a letter home

charlie in 1909

life and death

accident at work

charles allen

stephen ramsay

cultural genome?

with criminal intent

dan cohen

what's in Trove?

National Library of Australia

On the horizon...

when ‘the great war’ became the first world war

showing it all

mitchell whitelaw

national archives of australia

faces not files

no town untouched


from coach painter to soldier

a resting place

a ‘dearly loved son’

43 years – one occupant

‘a home, not an institute’

our place in space

Indexing see Change