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6 August 1940, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), page 1

…I get puzzled how topics can wander. Who cares about Ireland in respect to this topic? It's impact is zero. The bulk of Britain's imported food came from it's Commonwealth. The OP forgot one cardinal point and no one else has addressed it either. Britiain had a Commonwealth, the member countries Australia, Canada, South Africa had massive gold mining and those assets may have been accessed. m m shows the gold production of 118,407 gross ounce gold production for the month of July 1940 from ONE Australian State. For the seven months of 1940, 904,177 Gold Ounces had been produced from that ONE State. 904 177 troy ounce = 31 tons [short, US]. Add in the rest of Australia plus Canada's and South Africa's production then Britain should be able to keep itself in the war. Britain in turn instead of giving it's technology to the US could have done a reverse Lend Lease for it's radar technology, it's jet engine, plus other technologies, things the US…