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FRENCH RAILWAY STRIKE. Services Resuming. Government Mobilisation Tactics. LONDON, Oct. 14.

15 October 1910, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 19

…Conscription was a tactic used by the Police and Government during the early 20th century to break up strikes and punish people who disagreed with government policies. In 1916, people were well aware that a French railway strike in 1910 had ended when employees were conscripted into the army and forced to do their own jobs - as soldiers , ¬†while the same tactics were used by the Spanish government in 1916. Stories of unscrupulous employers secretly thrilled at the idea of conscripting their workforce were commonplace and worried questions were asked in parliament. People were worried that conscription would lead to the loss of freedoms and civil rights, as well as the worrying prospect of being replaced at your place of work by a soldier if you were part of a strike, union or were simply not liked by your employer.…