North Yorkshire History: Helen Savile Clarke and her daughters

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29 August 1891, Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954), page 24

…the genre [4] The first example of Clara’s printed work for which I have found reference was a “dainty bit of simple verse entitled A Letter from Town ”, in the words of a report in the Ipswich Journal of 13 December 1886 [5]   Skirt dancing Rupert Christiansen’s The Visitors (2001) describes Kate Vaughan and skirt dancing – an extract, published in the Daily Telegraph, can be found here [6] Eweretta Lawrence was a firm advocate of a national theatre and a national school for dramatic arts, cf this report in the Western Mail (Perth), of 29 August 1891 here [7]   Clara’s book, The World’s Pleasures , is currently out of print and unavailable as an ebook [8]   cf Dictionary of 19th century Journalism: in Great Britain and Ireland , ed Laurel Brake and Marysa Demoor [9] Helen's gift of muslin to Aubrey Beardsley: cf the Letters of Aubrey Beardsley , ed by Henry Maas, John Duncan and W G Good (1970) Helen is evidently confused with her daughter Clara on  p 93 [10] Clara’s contributions to The Savoy : Clara is identified as the “new writer”, author of A Mere Man in Letters of Aubrey Beardsley ed…