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LORD AND LADY WAKEHURST Attend Fete at Double Bay, For Day Nursery Funds.

19 April 1937, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), page 3

…But the bright red fabric was gradually replaced. Red was deemed too exciting a colour, especially for young boys! In 1937 at a fundraising event in Double Bay , the children from the Sydney Day Nursery and Nursery Schools Association were clad in green, red or floral smocks, waving flags and cheering.  “I have never seen anything so nice’ commented Lady Wakehurst, the wife of the Governor of New South Wales, in the Sydney Morning Herald.…

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11 March 1954, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), page 4

…The plight of the single, working mother remained a great concern to the Association and by 1954 over 250 deserted wives had enrolled their children in the centres, which enabled them to go out and find work.  But despite this hardship, the children, even those from the poorer industrial areas, arrived at the centres in a clean starched frock, or shirt and shorts.  “The Australian mother keeps her children beautifully clean” remarked the British-born Director of the Newtown Day Nursery, in an interview the Sydney Morning Herald in 1954. Maybe it was the Australian climate, she wondered, that allowed for clothes to be cleaned and dried with such ease.  “A lot of poorer English homes have no laundries”…

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1 June 1960, The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), page 28

…As the Association moved into the 1960s and social attitudes relaxed, so did the clothes worn by the children.  In the Australian Woman’s Weekly in 1960, a staff member commented that a child’s physical and even mental health could be affected by what they wore.  She advocated for comfortable, loose clothing with room to move. “See that shoes are big, never small”! …