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3 May 1860, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), page 6

…Published in 1860 T he Sydney Morning Herald. THE following paper was read at the fortieth monthly meeting of the Australian Horticultural and Agri- cultural Society, on Tuesday evening, by Mr. Robert Meston. If the 60 year PDO cycle is sketched backwards we would expect temps to be cooler in the 1790′s and 1850′s and hotter in the 1820′s and 1890′s. During the “perfect” climate of the preindustrial era — apparently there were still floods and storms. (?!) “To begin with British observations. 1697-98-99 were three bad years—years of floods and storms. 1700 proved hot and dry during sum- mer, and 1703 was the last of what are…