Tat-a-Renda: The Charm of Tatting


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The Charm of Tatting A New Border Design

15 November 1934, The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), page 35

…This Norma Benporath pattern was published in the Queenslander on 15th November 1934 .  As I wrote in the earlier post, I am going in blind with this one because the scanned picture from the newspaper only shows a big black square with what look like scratches of white for the tatting part. Surprisingly, the instructions for the first two parts were quite easy to follow and translated very well into tatting.  I didn't have much trouble with it so far.  Here is the picture of the first two sections or rounds. Thread is size 60 Anchor, with a Clover shuttle included for size comparison of the work. The construction thus far is…