An Australian Folk Song A Day: The Bushranger, Jack Power

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CLIVE TURNBULL asks Is it back to the workhouse we go?

19 August 1950, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 2

…if you refuse You must fight or deliver - pray which do you choose? The trooper surrender'd his horse and his arms Then hasten'd to Yea town to give the alarm “Farewell "shouts the rover "This revolver's my shield To the traps or the gallows I never will yield.” We may sing of young Gilbert, Dan Morgan, Ben Hall But the bold reckless robber surpasses them all The pluck that is in him is beyond all belief A daring young highwayman, a professional thief. This column appeared in the Melbourne Argus newspaper on 19 August, 1950 above these lyrics ( ) Clive Turnbull Says: A song from wilder days YOU may remember thata few months ago we had quite a correspondence about the old song, "The Wild Colonial Boy." Miss Elsie Heath of Grasmere, Sheep Hills, whose father was one of the pioneers of the Wimmera when it was thrown open for selection, writes that she has vivid recollections of the song as her father sang it to the children sitting 'round the fire on cold wintry nights - it varies slightly from the versions already published. Better still, Miss Heath tells me that her mother, not long ago, found…