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18 February 1907, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), page 5

…- The Advertiser 18 February 1907 In June 1907 Alice arrived by boat in Cairns as part of Wonderland City's travelling entertainment in the state of Queensland. The arrival at Cairns of the Innamincka , a crowd had gathered there, had hoped for some entertainment, when Alice's trunk came in close proximity to a passenger's hat. ARRIVAL AT CAIRNS The news of the arrival of the show, kept a number of people, and especially the juveniles, on the qui vive all yesterday morning, and when tho vessel drew up alongside the wharf, despite the rain, there was a large crowd to meet it. The sight of…

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25 May 1908, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), page 3

…- Sydney Morning Herald 25 May 1908 In the reading the history of the Wonderland City venture, there was a notation, that by March of 1908 William Anderson, the owner, was running into financial trouble. By 1911 Wonderland City and all its attractions were shut down for good. Alice, however, by November of 1908 was back to her previous life as a circus elephant, when she was purchased by George and Philip Wirth of Melbourne based Wirth's Circus, and was later renamed 'Princess' Alice . "......the performing elephant 'Alice' who goes through a number of remarkable tricks. She ends by abruptly by apparently lying and standing on…

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Zoo baby from Africa's only elephant school How expedition obtained animals in Africa

8 February 1947, The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), page 21

…- Australian Woman's Weekly 8 February 1947 The Sydney Morning Herald reported on the 18 December 1947 that the ship carrying some 1,000 birds and some 75 animals had left Mombasa on the previous Sunday as was headed for Australia with special attendant E. Hargreaves on board. By 28th December the Swedish ship Mangarella had berthed at Freemantle, Perth ( Sydney Morning Herald 28 December 1946) later arriving at Mebourne bound for Sydney RARE ANIMALS ON SHIP FOR SYDNEY ZOO MELBOURNE, Mon. - The Swedish vessel Mangarella which arrived in Melbourne today assumed the character of a modern Noah's Ark after calling at Mombassa, East Africa, on…