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27 November 1891, The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), page 4

…mid-winter's day, from Mardi-Gras to the monotony of the work-a-day world, from buoyancy to depression. The scent of gum leaves wafted on the breeze stirs a sudden sweet sad longing — a flood of memory, as the call of the bush birds conjures each its picture on my mind. When I hear a mopoke crying eeriiy , I see vividly a scene on the open space in front of the Nindy Gully Hotel on the Moonie River — a great fire of logs and brush, flaring up into the night, crowds of shearers, shed hands and followers fresh from the cut out at Bullamon shed . Everyone has a cheque in his hand, in his hat, in his boot, in his hip pocket, in his waistcoat, in his coat, in his bluey , in his billy , somewhere, anywhere, you'll find he has a cheque and quite a substantial one at that and he is a man of substance. Ragged though he may look, dusty though his clothes may be and no matter how ragged at the edges he may seem, with a bushy countenance, unkempt and untrimmed. Reeking though he may of a perfume that could hardly be likened to eau-de-cologne and could perhaps…