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LEUNA OIL PLANT BOMBED Raids Into Germany LONDON, Wednesday.

29 August 1940, Recorder (Port Pirie, SA : 1919 - 1954), page 1

…to travel to French North Africa to continue the fight against the Germans, he embarks with 25 other mainly Radical or Socialist deputies incl. Pierre Mendes France and Jean Zay and one senator on the Massilia ; too bad, on Aug. 8, 1941 they are arrested in Morocco by Gen. Charles Nogues on the orders of Vicy PM Pierre Laval, and Churchill tries in vain to get Mandel released, calling him "the first resister" (above de Gaulle), after which they are sentenced to life imprisonment on Nov. 4, 1941. On June 17 (night) British bombers attack the oil installations at Leuna, Germany S of Leipzig. On June 18 the Germans occupy Cherbourg, Briare, Colmar, Le Mans, Nevers, Rennes, and Vannes, while the British bomb Hamburg and Bremen. On June 18 (6:00 p.m.) Brig. Gen. Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970) issues his Appeal of June 18 to the French people via radio from London, talking about how the French govt. is "alleging the defeat of our armies", with the soundbyte: "But has the last word been said? Must we abandon all hope? Is our defeat final? No!", pointing to the "vast empire" of the British and the "immense industrial resources" of the U.S., with…

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17 June 1941, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 3

…1859) dies in exile in Doorn, Netherlands before getting to see the new German invasion of hated Bolshevik Russia - was he feeling doorn high or doorn low? On June 6 Hitler orders Gen. Brauchitsch to issue the ha-ha-ha-ha Commissar Decree to all cmdrs. On June 8 (2:00 a.m.) to cut the Germans off from the easy route to Palestine and the Suez Canal, 9K British, 18K Australian, 2K Indian, and 5K Free French (De Gaullist) troops launch Operation Exporter , invading Vichy-held Syria and Lebanon from Iraq and Palestine, capturing Damascus on June 21, followed on July 9 by Tyre , and on July 12 by Beirut ; an armistice is signed on July 12, and Syria becomes an Allied base for the rest of the war, with French Gen. Georges Catroux (1877-1969) promising them independence with Damascus as capital of the Repub. of Syria (until 1958); it isn't recognized until Jan. 1, 1944; 26-y.-o. Zionist Palestinian volunteer Moshe Dayan (1915-81) loses an eye in the early days. On June 8 German infantry units begin landing in Finland for the attack on Russia. On June 10 (751st anniv. of the drowning death of HRE Frederick I Barbarosa in 1190) the…

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NEWS REEL Presents: GLIMPSES BEHIND THE NEWS General Winter Fights All Comers

26 September 1943, Sunday Mail (Brisbane) (Qld. : 1926 - 1954), page 7

…Klin and Solnechnogorsk on the main highway N from Moscow. On Nov. 24 the worried U.S. govt. informs all Pacific cmdrs. of a possible "surprise aggressive movement in any direction, including an attack on the Philippines or Guam"; no mention of Pearl Harbor. On Nov. 25 the Germans in Berlin celebrate the 5th anniv. of the Anti-Comintern Pact; Hitler tells his adjutant Maj. Gerhard Michael Engel (1906-76) that they attacked Moscow 1 mo. too late, making them a pawn of the Russian winter; "Time is his greatest nightmare now." On Nov. 25 the Soviets are pushed back through Venev to Piatnitsa 4 mi. from the Oka River bridge at Kashira; meanwhile German troops N of Moscow cross the Volga-Moscow Canal at Yakhroma and Dmitrov , nearly circling Moscow, but never take Dmitrov; the Germans take Peskhi E of Istra, causing the Soviets to retreat to Kryukovo , where Soviet Gen. Rokossovsky is ordered to make his final stand because "There is nowhere to fall back to." On Nov. 25 German ships SS Maritza and SS Procida en route to Benghazi to supply Gen. Rommel are sunk by the British, leaving him dangerously low on fuel for his airplanes, causing Hitler to…

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16 January 1942, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 1

…Yugoslavia, driving them 50 mi. S from Olovo to Foca. On Jan. 7 in -40C temps the Soviets launch the Novgorod Offensive N of Lake Ilmen, with the Germans unable to fight back because of frostbite; on Jan. 11 Field Marshal von Leeb begs Hitler to pull back from the exposed Demyansk Pocket , and is refused, trapping 100K Germans, after which von Leeb resigns. On Jan. 9-Feb. 15 the SS murders 10K Jews in Simferopol in the Crimea; really shot on Dec. 9-13? On Jan. 10 Japan declares war on the Netherlands . On Jan. 10 the Japanese occupy Port Swettenham in Malaya, followed on Jan. 11 by Kuala Lumpur . On Jan. 10 the first Jews are sent from Amsterdam to Nazi work camps. On Jan. 11-12 the Japanese capture Tarakan Island off NE Borneo, containing 700 oil wells. On Jan. 11-13 the Japanese capture the key airbase of Manado in Celebes, followed by Rabaul on Jan. 23, New Ireland on Jan. 25, the Solomon Islands on Jan. 26, and Amboina on Jan. 31. On Jan. 12 U.S. Pres. Roosevelt creates the Nat. War Labor Board - it's not the New Deal anymore, its war? On Jan. 12 the German…

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2 February 1942, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 1

…10K Jews in Simferopol in the Crimea; really shot on Dec. 9-13? On Jan. 10 Japan declares war on the Netherlands . On Jan. 10 the Japanese occupy Port Swettenham in Malaya, followed on Jan. 11 by Kuala Lumpur . On Jan. 10 the first Jews are sent from Amsterdam to Nazi work camps. On Jan. 11-12 the Japanese capture Tarakan Island off NE Borneo, containing 700 oil wells. On Jan. 11-13 the Japanese capture the key airbase of Manado in Celebes, followed by Rabaul on Jan. 23, New Ireland on Jan. 25, the Solomon Islands on Jan. 26, and Amboina on Jan. 31. On Jan. 12 U.S. Pres. Roosevelt creates the Nat. War Labor Board - it's not the New Deal anymore, its war? On Jan. 12 the German Kriegsmarine begins Operation Drum Roll , a U-boat offensive along the U.S. East Coast, sinking many boats close to the shore because of bright lights from the coastal cities that allow them to be silhouetted, the first ship sunk being British merchant ship SS Cyclops ; by the end of Jan. 46 ships (196K tons) are sunk; a gen. blackout is stalled for 6 mo. due to pressure from the tourist…

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24 January 1942, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 3

…halfway from Benghazi to Tobruk. On Jan. 21 6K Japanese troops attack 1K Australians at Raubal , killing most of the Australian POWs. On Jan. 21 Gen. MacArthur in the Bataan Peninsula orders a retreat from the Mauban-Abucay line to the Pilar-Bagac road; at night the Japanese begin landing S of Bagac. On Jan. 21 retreating Australian troops at Parit Sulong, Malaya leave their wounded near a roadblock and try to reach British lines through the jungle; on Jan. 23 the Parit Sulong Massacre sees the Japanese bayonet the wounded to death. On Jan. 23 the Japanese begin landing at Kieta in the Solomon Islands, at Balikpapan in Borneo, and at Kendari in the Celebes Islands. On Jan. 23 the Soviets begin retaking the Kholm Pocket (ends May 5), and nearly encircle Rzhev, staging to break through near Izyum to isolate German troops in Kharkov by a S offensive. On Jan. 23 Hungarian troops drive 550 Jews and 292 Serbs onto a frozen river in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia , then shell it until they all drown. On Jan. 23 Hitler meets with Heinrich Himmler et al., and utters the soundbyte : "One must act radically. When one pulls out a tooth,…

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27 February 1942, Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1885 - 1954), page 3

…battles, and we, not they, will make the final peace." On Feb. 23 U.S. troops land on the Russell Islands 30 mi. NW of Guadalcanal. On Feb. 23 the Jewish refugee ship Sturma , which picked up 769 refugees in Constanza, Romania sinks after being refused entry into Palestine. On Feb. 23 Uruguayan pres. Gen. Alfredo Baldomir dissolves the legislature and creates a state council with members from all parties except Communists and Herreristas; he then relegalizes the two main parties to create a 2-party system. On Feb. 24 the Soviets surround and cut off a German army corps in Staraya Russa . On Feb. 24 the Voice of America (VOA) begins broadcasting; "The news might be good, it might be bad, but we will tell you the truth". On Feb. 24-25 the Battle of Los Angeles, Calif. against invading Japanese forces turns out to be a false alarm; it was really a UFO attack? On Feb. 25 the British withdraw from oil-rich Java ; on Feb. 27 an ABDACOM Allied naval task force under Dutch Rear Adm. Karel Willem Frederik Marie Doorman (1889-1942) attacks a Japanese fleet en route to Java in the Java Sea, losing flagship De Ruyter along with…

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9 April 1942, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 1

…Himmler dine at Rastenburg, and agree to take all Germanic children away from their parents in occupied lands and raise them up as good Nazis - the only job I do well is here on the farm? On Apr. 5 654 of 699 Lutheran ministers in Oslo, Norway issue a Declaration of the Sovereignty of God over Nazism and all ideologies, resigning from their govt. posts. On Apr. 6 the Japanese bomb Cocanada (Kakinada) and Vizagapatam in Madras, India; on Dec. 1 the British No. 7 Squadron is based at Vizagapatam (until Mar. 1943). On Apr. 6 Japanese troops invade Lorengau in the Admiralty Islands 800 mi. from Cape York, Australia. On Apr. 6 HMS King George V and USS Washington rendezvous at Scapa Flow ; when the officers parley, the Yanks are surprised by the the British plan to "head in there just as fast as they could to about 10,000 yards, which for big guns is like shooting a rifle across the room, and letting the enemy have it. This idea of closing the enemy and shooting it out in the Nelsonian tradition was certainly firmly implanted." On Apr. 7 the first 2.5K Jews from Zamosc, Poland are sent…

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GERMANS ROUTED IN CAUCASUS BATTLE Enemy Suffers 15,000 Casualties LONDON, Friday, AAP

21 November 1942, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 20

…many theatres of war that superiority in the air which they have so often used without mercy against other, of which they boasted all round the world, and which they intended to use as an instrument for convincing all other peoples that all resistance to them was hopeless." On Nov. 4 Hitler makes contingency plans if his troops fail to occupy the oilfields of Grozny to have them bombed; too bad, British intel decodes the messages and warns Stalin on Nov. 7; on Nov. 6 the Germans make a last attempt to break through to Grozny, and are repulsed at Ordzhonikidze . On Nov. 5 famed "Fighting Liberal" Sen. George W. Norris of Neb. runs for reelection as an Independent after his support for many New Deal policies causes the Repub. Party to dump him, and he is defeated by the Repub. candidate whats-his-name. You mean all those people are here because of him? On Nov. 8 (a.m.) Hitler's train en route from the Eastern Front to Munich is stopped to give him an urgent message that U.S. forces are landing at Algiers, Oran, and Casablanca, but continues to believe that the real attack will come against Malta, Sicily, or to…

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16 November 1942, The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), page 1

…(who became a German POW after the fall of Sedan in 1940 and escaped to S France in Apr., then was rescued on Nov. 6 in Operation Minerva by a British sub and taken to Gibraltar); French Vichy troops switch to the U.S. side and advance to Tunisia, where they meet stiff German opposition; by Nov. 11 the Allies have control of 1.3K mi. of the coast from Safi to Algiers; French Jewish actor Jean-Pierre Aumont (1911-2001) participates in Operation Torch, and is wounded twice, receiving a Legion d'Honneur and Croix de Guerre. On Nov. 8 (night) the Allies bomb Genoa, Italy . On Nov. 9 Majdanek (KL Lublin) Concentration Camp outside Lublin, Poland opens for business with 4K Lublin Jews, half of which are sent to labor barracks, the rest gassed, the first of several hundred thousand during the war. On Nov. 9 to stop the Allies from taking Tunisia and opening up the Mediterranean, eliminating the need for rounding the Cape of Good Hope, the Germans rush troops to Bizerta ; on Nov. 12 British troops land at Bone ; to defend Tunisia the Germans transfer several hundred transport aircraft from Stalingrad, causing bombers to have to be used for…

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"BATTLE FOR BIZERTA HAS BEGUN" Algiers Radio Report LONDON, Thursday, AAP.

27 November 1942, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 1

…French Jewish actor Jean-Pierre Aumont (1911-2001) participates in Operation Torch, and is wounded twice, receiving a Legion d'Honneur and Croix de Guerre. On Nov. 8 (night) the Allies bomb Genoa, Italy . On Nov. 9 Majdanek (KL Lublin) Concentration Camp outside Lublin, Poland opens for business with 4K Lublin Jews, half of which are sent to labor barracks, the rest gassed, the first of several hundred thousand during the war. On Nov. 9 to stop the Allies from taking Tunisia and opening up the Mediterranean, eliminating the need for rounding the Cape of Good Hope, the Germans rush troops to Bizerta ; on Nov. 12 British troops land at Bone ; to defend Tunisia the Germans transfer several hundred transport aircraft from Stalingrad, causing bombers to have to be used for transport, with Hermann Goering uttering the soundbyte: "There died the core of the German bomber fleet"; the Germans also transfer their torpedo bombers from Banak, Norway, diminishing their threat to Allied Arctic convoys. On Nov. 9-12 a naval battle in the Solomon Islands ends in a V for U.S. forces, with one Japanese battleship, five cruisers, and 12 transports sunk. On Nov. 10 Winston Churchill gives a speech in London,…

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2 January 1943, Examiner (Launceston, Tas. : 1900 - 1954), page 1

…camps. On Jan. 18 the Germans launch Operation Harvest Home against Soviet partisans W of Osipovichi. On Jan. 19 the British launch Operation Bunkum , a spy mission on Japanese-occupied Middle Andaman Island 1K mi. SE of Calcutta, which concludes that Japanese brutality makes it ripe for subversion. On Jan. 20 Heinrich Himmler writes the German transport minister begging him to make more trains available for deportation of Jews to death camps; meanwhile 2K are deported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz, of which 1,760 are gassed - stop being so obvious? On Jan. 21 the Soviets on the Caucasus Front capture Salsk . On Jan. 21 Bletchley Park breaks the German Enigma Porcupine code used for ground-air operations in S Russia. On Jan. 21 German police chief Ferdinand Hugo aus der Funten (Fünten) (1909-89) makes 50 hospital personnel accompany a train of several hundred Jewish mental patients in Apeldoorn, Holland to Auschwitz, promising that they can return home or work in a "really modern mental home"; they are all gassed; on Jan. 27, 1989 the Dutch Parliament votes 85-55 to release him from a life sentence, and he dies on Apr. 19. On Jan. 22 Operation Hamburg results in 1,676 partisans and…

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8 February 1943, Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954), page 1

…main body retreating towards Rostov, causing them to launch Operation Hare Chase on Feb. 6 against Soviet partisans 250 mi. behind the front line. On Feb. 6 Heinrich Himmler receives a Jewish Garment Report about 825 railroad cars from Auschwitz and other death camps, listing 155K women's coats, 22K pairs of children's shoes, and 3K kg of women's hair, for distribution in Germany; the loot also incl. $500K in U.S. dollars, and $116,420 in gold; in Jan. Himmler visited Warsaw and inspected "hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions" of eyeglasses and spectacles in warehouses. On Feb. 7 the Soviets capture Azov . On Feb. 7 Hitler meets with Gauleiters in Wolf's Lair, uttering the soundbyte : "What you are witnessing is a catastrophe of unheard-of magnitude. The Russians broke through, the Romanians gave up, the Hungarians didn't even put up a fight. If the German people fail, then they do not deserve that we fight for their future. Then we can write them off with equanimity." On Feb. 8 the Soviets under Gen. Konstantin Rokossovsky take the German stronghold of Kursk , then begin a counterattack to the W, taking Belgorod on Feb. 9. On Feb. 9 the Battle of Guadalcanal…

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Nazi Savagery Al Voroshilovgrad LONDON. Feb. 18—AAP

20 February 1943, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), page 1

…Battle of Kasserine Pass in the Dorsal Mts. of W Tunisia is a V for Gen. Rommel's Panzers against the inferior tanks of the U.S. 1st Armored Div.; meanwhile on Feb. 15 the British occupy Ben Gardane in SE Tunisia S of Djerba Island, causing Rommel to fortify the Mareth Line to the NW on the Gulf of Gabes; too bad, after crossing W into Algeria, Rommel is stopped at Tebessa. On Feb. 12 the Germans launch Operation Ursula against Soviet partisans in the Rogachev area 200 mi. behind the front line. On Feb. 14 the Soviets retake Rostov and Voroshilovgrad . On Feb. 14 the 3K-man British 77th Indian Infantry Brigade AKA the Chindits under Brig.-Gen. Orde Charles Wingate (1903-44) stage Operation Loincloth , launching an invasion of Burma from Imphal, India and blowing up the Wuntho-Indaw railway; after 1 mo. they cross the Irrawaddy River, ambushing the Japanese and killing 100 while only losing one of their own before returning. On Feb. 16 the Soviets retake Kharkov (Kharkiv) , causing the Germans on Feb. 19 to launch the Third Battle of Kharkov (Kharkiv) (ends Mar. 15), recapturing it after destroying 52 Soviet divs. On Feb. 16 U.S. pilot Lt.…

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Munich Hit By Royal Air Force Bombs

11 March 1943, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), page 1

…always liable to look on the black side of things after a defeat, a tendency which can lead one into dangerous and false conclusions"; after military officers get pissed-off at Hitler for not letting Gen. Paulus withdraw, and at Goebbels for his "total war" speech, they begin to plot to depose him? On Mar. 10 after killing 23K Soviet soldiers and 634 tranks, the Germans begin a massive assault on Kharkov; 1K Czech troops incl. 600 Jews fight the Germans at Sokolovo, and 140 of the Jewish troops are KIA by Mar. 11. On Mar. 10 (night) British bombers bomb Munich, Germany . On Mar. 11 Joseph Goebbels writes the soundbyte in his diary: "If the English are in a position night after night to attack some German city, one can easily imagine how Germany will look after about three months unless we take effective countermeasures"; also "The scheduled arrest of all Jews on one day failed because of the shortsighted behavior of industrialists who warned the Jews in time", causing him to order the Jews to be hunted down. On Mar. 12 the Soviets recapture Vyazma, Russia . On Mar. 12 100K workers in Turin and Genoa, Italy go on strike…

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24 September 1943, The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), page 1

…Empire depends more than on any other factor the immediate future of the world" - here here, pip pip, bloody bloody, jolly good and all that rot? In June French Gen. Henri Honore Girard becomes co-pres. of the French Committee of Nat. Liberation (Free French Nat. Committee) with Gen. Charles de Gaulle, then in July becomes CIC of all French forces, causing him to resign his political office in Nov. In June the U.S. Navy begins training Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) to do commando work, becoming the precursor of the Navy Seals (1962); their first mission is in Sept. in Finschhafen, New Guinea . In the summer an epidemic of infantile paralysis strikes the U.S., killing 1.2K and crippling thousands. On July 1 Hitler returns to Wolf's Lair at Rastenburg and sets July 4 as the date for Operation Citadel, with the soundbytes that Greater Germany "must be defended far beyond our frontiers", and "Where we are, we stay." On July 2 the Germans launch Operation Gunther against Soviet partisans in the Smolensk area. On July 4 Polish Gen. Wladyslaw Eugeniusz Sikorski (b. 1881) , leader of the Free Poles is killed during takeoff in his RAF Liberator bomber in Gibraltar; both Stalin…

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8 September 1943, The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954), page 3

…bullet to his brain? On Sept. 5 2K U.S. and Australian paratroopers occupy Nazdab, New Guinea , and build an airstrip; on Sept. 6-7 20K Japanese are encircled near Lae, then the Japanese airfield at Salamaua is captured on Sept. 13-14, followed on Sept. 16 by Lae , then Finschhafen on the Huon Peninsula on the E coast of New Guinea on Sept. 22-Dec. 8. On Sept. 6 the Soviets recapture Stalino (Donetsk) and Kramatorsk . On Sept. 6 the Soviets seize Konotop, Russia , forcing the Germans to evacuate the Don River Basin, instituting a scorched earth policy, evacuating Stalino, Russia on Sept. 7. On Sept. 7 987 Jews are deported to Auschwitz from Westerbork Camp in Holland, incl. Esther "Etty" Hillesum (1914-43) , who throws a postcard from the train with the soundbyte "We left the camp singing"; she dies on Nov. 30; her letters and diaries are pub. in 1981. On Sept. 7 (night) Allied bombers bomb Brussels, killing Brussels Comet line leader Baron Jean Greindl (AKA Nemo), who was arrested on Feb. 6. On Sept. 8 (a.m.) Hitler flies to Army Group South HQ at Zaporozhe, where Field Marshal von Manstein runs down the numbers on Soviet military…

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13 October 1943, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), page 8

…Adelheid Hildegard von Thadden (1890-1944) , who is executed in Plotzensee Prison in Berlin on Sept. 8, 1944. On Sept. 11 the Free French under Gen. Charles de Gaulle launch Operation Vesuvius for the recapture of Corsica, which Hitler lets them have, ordering all 27,347 German troops evacuated, allowing the capture of the seaport of Bastia ; meanwhile British Operation Handcuff to recapture Rhodes is defeated after Hitler orders his 7K German troops there to take control from a much larger Italian force. On Sept. 12 after the Allies take Ventotene Island, Italy , the Germans surrender to them on Capri Island, Italy without firing a shot; U.S. Lt. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Hollywood star) is awarded a Silver Star. On Sept. 12 after he is moved from Trastavere to Ponza Island, Maddelena Island, and finally an inaccessible resort hotel on 9K-ft. Grand Sasso d'Italia Mt. in the Abruzzi Mts., a 90-man commando team led by German SS Col. Otto Skorzeny (1908-75) ("Hitler's favorite commando") lands in gliders and rescues old, shrunken, stubble-bearded Mussolini from 250 Italian soldiers loyal to the king, then flies him to Wolf's Lair in Rastenburg via airfields in Rome, N Italy, Vienna, and Munich, where the Germans help him…

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BATTLES IN YUGOSLAVIA Nazi Attack On Split Beaten Off AAP And Our Special Representative. LONDON, September 20.

21 September 1943, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), page 1

…the Crimea. On Sept. 16 24 Jews are deported from Merano, Italy to Auschwitz. On Sept. 16 7.5K Japanese troops evacuate Lae, New Guinea to the N. On Sept. 17 the Germans evacuate Bryansk . On Sept. 17 Japanese bombers destroy the Drysdale River Mission in Western Australia. On Sept. 17 British Brig. Gen. (former pvt.) sir Fitzroy Hew Royle Maclean (1911-96) parachutes into Yugoslavia to help Tito's partisans. On Sept. 19 Allied troops link-up with their forces on the Salerno beachhead. On Sept. 20 after seven days the Germans fail to drive the partisans of Gen. Mihailovic out of Split, Yugoslavia ; too bad, on Sept. 28-29 the Jewish community of Split is murdered at the Sajmiste Concentration Camp in Yugoslavia. On Sept. 20 German high command reports that 548,480 German soldiers died on the Eastern Front so far, and almost 2M were wounded, causing Joseph Goebbels to write the soundbyte in his diary: "It is a curious thing that although every individual soldier returning from the Eastern Front considers himself personally superior to the Bolshevik soldier, we are still retreating and retreating." On Sept. 20 (night) the British launch Operation Source , with six midget subs trying to sink German…

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Korosten Taken By The Russians In Bitter Fight

19 November 1943, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), page 1

…, flying six agents from Tangmere in S England to Angers, incl. Victor Gerson , who organizes the Vic Escape Line , and Francois Mitterrand AKA Monier, who organizes French POWs, and in 1981 becomes pres. of France. On Nov. 16 160 U.S. bombers bomb the German heavy water plant at Vermork, Norway , missing it but destroying the power station, causing production to be shut down and all heavy water stocks to be sent to Germany; next Feb. 20 more partisans blow up ferry boat Hydro carrying the stocks. On Nov. 18 after a bitter fight, the Soviets recapture Korosten, Russia along with Ryechitsa, opening the way to Gomel 25 mi. to the E, the main German base in S White Russia, and cutting the Leningrad-Odessay railway along with all rail communication between the C and S German fronts. On Nov. 18 (night) 402 British bombers bomb Berlin , failing to damage factories but killing 143 civilians while losing nine planes and 53 pilots incl. Wing Cmdr. John White . On Nov. 20-23 35K U.S. Marines under Gen. Julian Constable Smith (1885-1975) launch Operation Galvanic , fighting the Battle of Tarawa Atoll (2nd U.S. offensive in the Pacific after the Battle…

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VINNITSA BATTLE AT DESPERATE STAGE Nazis' Last Effort To Save Odessa[?] Lwow Rail Link

19 January 1944, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), page 1

…a separate peace; Adm. Horthy returns to Budapest, and is received by a German honor guard; on Mar. 21 the Jewish Council in Budapest is formed by order of the Germans to communicate their orders to the Jewish community; rabid anti-Semite Sztojay fields an army of 300K to fight the Soviets, and begins rounding up Jews, deporting 440K by July, when Adm. Horthy bows to Western pressure and stops it, replacing Sztojay in Aug. with Gen. Geza Lakatos (1890-1967) . On Mar. 20 the regular Red Arrow Express between Moscow and Leningrad resumes service. On Mar. 20 the Soviets occupy Vinnitsa, Ukraine on the S Bug River, crossing the Dniester River N of Kishinev. On Mar. 22 the Koldyczewo Revolt in White Russia sees a revolt by Jewish slave laborers led by Shlomo Kushnir , killing 10 Nazi guards with a bomb, allowing 100 to escape to the forests to join the partisans; Kushnir and 25 others are captured, and Kushnir commits suicide. On Mar. 23 Soviet pilot Maj. Victor Nikolayevich Kashtankin stages a kamikaze attack on a German ship in the Baltic, with the last words: "Dying is simple - we must win", receiving a posth. Hero of the Soviet Union…

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GERMAN RESISTANCE CRUMBLING Retreat From South Russia Continues RED ARMY CLOSE TO RUMANIA Australia Associated Press LONDON, March 26.

27 March 1944, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), page 1

…assault will be at Normandy, not the Pas de Calais as he had thought before; Western CIC (1943-5) Field Marshal Karl von Rundstedt continues to watch Calais. On Mar. 25 8K German troops attack a French Resistance camp on the Plateau des Glieres (Glières) near Annecy, France, killing 400+ of 450. On Mar. 26 the Soviets reach the Pruth River on a 56-mi. front, a total advance of 900 mi. in the last year, causing Churchill to give a radio speech with the soundbyte that their advances "constitute the greatest cause of Hitler's undoing". On Mar. 27 the Soviets occupy Kamanets-Podolsk, Russia on the East Galician border, causing the Germans to invade Romania to protect their S flank. On Mar. 27-28 the Children's Action in Kovno sees all remaining Jewish children below age 14 in the Kovno Ghetto rounded up by the SS and trucked away to be shot; 37 Jewish policeman incl. the police chief are killed for refusing to assist; 5-y.-o. Zahar Kaplanas (1938-) is rescued by a Lithuanian non-Jew, who smuggles him out in a sack. On Mar. 28 the Soviets occupy Kolomyia (Kolomea) in East Galicia, bringing in workers from the E to rebuild it. On Mar. 30…

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27 June 1944, Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1885 - 1954), page 1

…Adm. Walter Hennecke (1898-1984) orders the destruction of all port facilities, getting a Knight's Cross from Hitler; on June 26 von Schlieben and 800+ troops surrender to U.S. Maj. Gen. Manton Sprague Eddy (1892-1962) , cmdr. of the U.S. 9th Infantry Div.; on June 27 the dockyard surrenders, but some Germans strongholds remain, and they surrender on June 29 incl. Hennecke; von Schlieben is taken back to England and paraded around in Trent Park as a propaganda V. On June 26 after 700 bombers kill 6K German troops, the Soviets occupy Vitebsk, Russia . On June 26 Allied troops occupy Mogaung, Burma , becoming the first town in Burma recaptured from the Japanese; on July 4 they occupy Myitkyina, Burma . On June 26 the Germans deport 485 Jews from Fossoli and Verona, Italy to Auschwitz; on June 30 1,153 more are deported from Paris; by now 381K Jews have been transported to Auschwitz, 250K being gassed. On June 26 German prof. Walther Arndt is executed for uttering the soundbyte: "This is the end of the Third Reich, and the guilty can now be brought to punishment." On June 26-28 the 1944 Repub. Nat. Convention in Chicago, Ill. at first goes for…

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26 October 1944, The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954), page 5

…he recuperates in Bernay, becoming kaput as an anti-Hitler conspiracy leader to help Operation Valkyrie gain support among German officers in the West - see if Hitler gives a spit about this troublemaker who sends him letters urging him to end the war? On July 17 the Crossbow Committee of the British War Cabinet meets to discuss the German threat of the V-2, causing Churchill to suggest large-scale poison gas attacks in retaliation. By July 17 500K flee London, rising to 1M by Sept. On July 18 U.S. troops reach St. Lo, France . On July 18 the Soviets occupy Augustow, Poland near the East Prussian border 80 mi. from Rastenburg and Wolf's Lair, and are stopped by a desperate counterattack. On July 18 the Allies launch Operation Goodwood to capture Caen, with 100 bombers destroying most of the city and killing 3K French civilians,followed by an artillery barrage by 400 naval guns, followed by an invasion; too late, Hitler agrees to start moving the German Fifteenth Army from Calais, and it falls on July 20. On July 18 the losses in the Marianas and the Philippines cause PM Hideki Tojo and his entire Japanese cabinet to resign, and Gen. Koiso Kuniaki…

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4 November 1944, Army News (Darwin, NT : 1941 - 1946), page 1

…losing 51 British aircraft and 31 pilots; on Nov. 4 minesweepers clear the Scheldt River from Antwerp to the sea, opening it to shipping, and the first convoy reaches it on Nov. 26, which doesn't prevent the Dutch in the unliberated interior from starving over the winter; on Nov. 10 U.S. Brig. Gen. Clare Hibbs Armstrong (1894-1969) arrives to set up an Anti Flying Bomb Command with several thousand Allied troops and 600 AA guns, which shoots down 50%-75% of V-1s aimed at Antwerp but is ineffective against V-2s. On Nov. 2 Tito and his partisans drive the Germans from Zara, Italy on the Adriatic coast. On Nov. 2 50K Jews are marched W from Budapest towards Austria by the cruel SS, with up to 10K dying on the 6-day march; Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg saves 1K. On Nov. 2 Berlin issues a top-secret directive calling for using Germany's inland waterways to make up for damaged railways; an emergency mobilization of trucks is started to maintain supply lines to the Western Front. On Nov. 4 the Soviets capture Cegled, Hungary 40 mi. from Budapest, coming up against stiff defenses. On Nov. 5 Churchill sends a message to Stalin apologizing for "very hard…

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5 December 1944, Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954), page 1

…Skopje, Yugoslavia , ending German control of the Balkans. On Nov. 14 Japanese destroyer IJN Ushio , last surviving warship from the Pearl Harbor attack is damaged by a bomb from a U.S. plane in Manila Bay, putting it out of action for the war. On Nov. 15 a partisan sweep by the Germans near Mondovi, Italy is a bust, although British liaison Capt. Neville Temple is killed in a car accident. On Nov. 16 10 German V-1s hit Antwerp, killing 263 civilians; on Nov. 17 another hits a convent, killing 32 nuns. On Nov. 17 the Japanese advance towards Kweiyang, China . On Nov. 17 a U.S. sub sinks scarce Japanese escort carrier IJN Jinyo in the Yellow Sea. On Nov. 17 a meeting of Japanese atomic scientists in Tokyo reports that it can't build an atomic bomb in time to affect the war. On Nov. 19 French troops drive through the Saverne Gap to reach the Rhine River at Rosenau, France 30 mi. E of Belfort (70 mi. S of Strasbourg) near the French-Swiss border, capturing Sarrebourg in Alsace-Lorraine on Nov. 20. On Nov. 19 the British launch Operation (Extended) Capital (Y) from Assam, India, driving into Burma on a…

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8 February 1945, The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954), page 5

…system. Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach"; Churchill's daughter says that being with him and FDR "was like sitting between two lions roaring at the same time". On Feb. 5 former (current?) NKVD agent (since 1940) Ain-Ervin Mere (1903-69) , head of the Estonian secret police since 1943 founds the Nazi-collaborating Eesti Vabadusliit with Estonian SS cmdr. Gen. Harald Riipalu (Harald Reibach) (1912-61) ; after the war they are sentenced to death but flee to Britain, where they stay for life. On Feb. 5 (night) the Red Army crosses the Oder River again at Brieg 25 mi. S of Breslau. On Feb. 7 the Soviets cross the Oder River again at Furstenberg (Fürstenberg) 60 mi. from Berlin. On Feb. 7 minutes after Gen. MacArthur visits Santo Tomas POW Camp in the Philippines (whose 3.7K POWs were liberated on Feb. 4), the Japanese shell it for two days. On Feb. 8 Canadian forces launch Operation Veritable to drive S from Nijmegen and force the Germans from the W bank of the Upper Rhine (ends Mar. 11). On Feb. 8 the Allies bomb Goch (final objective of Operation Veritable), Kleef (Kleve) (Cleves) , Kalkar , and Reichswald…

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19 February 1945, Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954), page 1

…River again at Brieg 25 mi. S of Breslau. On Feb. 7 the Soviets cross the Oder River again at Furstenberg (Fürstenberg) 60 mi. from Berlin. On Feb. 7 minutes after Gen. MacArthur visits Santo Tomas POW Camp in the Philippines (whose 3.7K POWs were liberated on Feb. 4), the Japanese shell it for two days. On Feb. 8 Canadian forces launch Operation Veritable to drive S from Nijmegen and force the Germans from the W bank of the Upper Rhine (ends Mar. 11). On Feb. 8 the Allies bomb Goch (final objective of Operation Veritable), Kleef (Kleve) (Cleves) , Kalkar , and Reichswald . On Feb. 9 after 20 days the French First Army under Gen. Jean Joseph Marie Gabriel de Lattre de Tassigny (1889-1952) completes Operation Cheerful , forcing the surrender of 22K Germans in the Colmar Pocket in C Alsace after losing 1.6K French and 540 U.S. soldiers. On Feb. 9 the Japanese army in Indochina attacks the French in Saigon, Hanoi, and other major cities, and on Feb. 11 Emperor Bo Dai declares the independence of Vietnam; on Apr. 7 Tran Trong Kim (1883-1953) becomes PM, and picks a cabinet on Apr. 17; in mid-Aug. the puppet…

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21 March 1945, The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), page 1

…the U.S. 20th Army Corps captures Wiesbaden in C Germany, site of Fliegerhorst Luftwaffe base. On Mar. 27-30 the Soviets capture Danzig after bitter street fighting without doing much damage to the city. On Mar. 28 after the U.S. overrides Britain's desire to keep it neutral to allow to receive foodstuffs unhampered, Argentina declares war on Germany and Japan , becoming the last Western hemisphere country to do so; its policies for sheltering escaping Nazis are overlooked. On Mar. 28 the Soviets occupy Gyor (Györ), Hungary 75 mi. SE of Vienna. On Mar. 28 U.S. troops occupy Marburg, Germany and Lauterbach, Germany 200 mi. from Berlin. On Mar. 29 the Soviets capture Kapuvar, Hungary ; on Mar. 30 they invade Austria 50 mi. from Vienna. On Mar. 29 U.S. troops under Gen. Patton capture Frankfurt, Germany . On Mar. 30 the Nazis murder 289 anti-Nazis in Rombergpark in Dortmund, Germany. On Mar. 30 a daylight U.S. raid on the German U-boat base at Wilhelmshaven, Germany sinks U-96 and injures Capt. Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock (1911-86) , who sinks Allied merchant ships (183K tons) and becomes subject of the 1981 film Das Boot . On Mar. 31 French troops cross the Rhine River at Speyer,…

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RUSSIANS STORM INTO BERLIN BATTLE IN SUBURBS Stalin Directs Onslaught From Our Staff Correspondent and A.A.P.

23 April 1945, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), page 1

…Apr. 19 the Soviets break through the German defenses at Forst (Lausitz), Germany on the Neisse River 75 mi. SE of Berlin. On Apr. 19 the SS shoots Bavarian (Gau Beyreuth) Gauleiter (since Dec. 5, 1935) Fritz Waechtler (Wächtler) (b. 1891) for defeatism. On Apr. 19 Japanese Gen. Sosaku Suzuki (b. 1891) is KIA by U.S. forces on Leyte Island, Philippines, causing Japanese resistance to dwindle. On Apr. 20 (Hitler's birthday) after a fierce 5-day battle, the U.S. 7th Army occupies Nuremberg, Germany , taking 17K German POWs, demoralizing even the most diehard Nazis. On Apr. 20 the Soviets occupy Kalau, Germany 60 mi. from Berlin. On Apr. 20 the last German forces evacuate Yugoslavia N through Croatia towards Zagreb en route to Austria. On Apr. 20 the Allies launch Operation Corncob , a 3-day mission to destroy bridges on the Adige and Brenta Rivers in Italy to prevent a German retreat. On Apr. 20 German Lt. Kurt Waldheim receives a War Merit Cross, First Class with Swords for his work for Gen. Lohr. May you have many more? On Apr. 20 50-million-cadaver man Adolf Hitler (b. 1889) celebrates his 56th birthday in his Berlin bunker; Soviet artillery begins shelling Berlin at…

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15 June 1945, Cairns Post (Qld. : 1909 - 1954), page 1

…over to Tito under the pretense that they are being sent to Italy; they are shipped in locked trains to Slovenia and then shot and buried in mass graves. In May-Aug. U.S. land and carrier-based aircraft begin the greatest air offensive in history, destroying the Japanese navy and industry; the U.S. 20th Air Force drops 40K tons of bombs in Japanese industrial centers in 1 mo. - how about in 1 sec.? On June 3 after the Japanese run low on rations, causing discontent, U.S. Marines seize the Iheya Islands N of Okinawa on June 4 they land on the Oroku Peninsula , fighting 5K Japanese for 10 days and killing 4K vs. 1,608 U.S. soldiers KIA; on June 13 the cmdr. Adm. Minoru Ota (b. 1891) commits suicide in the HQ cave along with 200 others; on June 5 a typhoon damages four U.S. battleships and eight aircraft carriers; battleship USS Missouri and heavy cruiser Louisville are seriously damaged by Japanese kamikazes. On June 3-14 Japanese envoy (former PM in 1936-7) Koki Hirota (1878-1948) meets with the Soviet ambassador in Tokyo to propose a new relationship between the two countries and divide Asia between them - like finding love on The…

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ISHAN FALLS TO CHINESE From Our Own Correspondent and A A P

16 June 1945, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), page 1

…war to the bitter end"; on June 9 Japanese PM (since Apr. 7) Kantaro Suzuki declares that Japan will fight to the last man rather than accept unconditional surrender like the inferior German Master Race did; he later flip-flops and fights the military faction in the cabinet in order to negotiate peace with the Allies, which only causes them to plan his assassination - better stock up on SPF-googol sunscreen? On June 8 (night) U.S. troops attack Yuza Hill and Kunishi Ridge on Okinawa, meeting fierce resistance; on June 11 (night) they attack again. On June 10 Chinese troops occupy I-Shan, China , pushing the Japanese towards Liuchow. On June 10 Burmese partisans led by British officers drive the Japanese from Loilem, Burma in the Shan Mts. On June 10 Australian forces land on Labuan Island in North Borneo. On June 10 Jose Luis Bustamente y Rivero (1894-1989) is elected pres. in Peru with the support of Liberals and Apristas (until 1948), immediately instituting liberal reforms and restoring civil rights. On June 11 the Soviets forcibly expel 700K Sudeten Germans from Czech. - haw-haw on Hitler? On June 12 Schiermonnikoog Island becomes the last part of Holland to be liberated by the…

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Surrender Of Padang Today

21 October 1945, Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954), page 1

…in the series is ?. On Oct. 5 Meet the Press , hosted by bowtie-wearing heavy-rimmed-glasses-wearing Lawrence Edmund Spivak (1900-94) (until 1975) debuts on U.S. network radio. On Oct. 6 Gen Eisenhower is welcomed in The Hague on Hitler's train. On Oct. 6 the British hang five German POWs in Pentonville Prison in London for murdering a suspected traitor in the ranks during an attempted breakout in 1944. On Oct. 6 Japanese troops surrender in Jesselton, Borneo , followed on Oct. 9 in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands , on Oct. 19 in Mergui, Burma , on Oct. 21 in Padang, Sumatra , and Oct. 25 in Thaton, Burma . On Oct. 8 Pres. Truman announces that the secret of the atomic bomb will be shared only with Britain and Canada - the Soviet Union doesn't need any help with all its spies? On Oct. 10 the Japanese garrison in Peking (Beijing) surrenders to the Chinese army. On Oct. 11 negotiations between Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek and Communist leader Mao Tse-tung break down, and a civil war begins. On Oct. 17 (Loyalty Day) after being arrested on Oct. 9, then being allowed on Oct. 15 to step onto the balcony of the…