WILD ABOUT HARRY: Houdini on being "not too tall"


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16 April 1910, Daily Herald (Adelaide, SA : 1910 - 1924), page 6

…couple inches to his height), and also addresses the perception of egotism: "You will think that I am vain to tell you these things. But I am a Magyar, and Magyars are vain. American born. Magyar descended; my parents came from Austria; my father was a clergyman in Wisconsin. My name, Ehrich Weiss; my height about 5 ft. 7 in; weight about 12 stone; 36 this month of April. Only 36, but I feel old; I have done too much in order to be, in my poor little way, Columbus." You can read the full interview by A.G. Stephens at Trove , an amazing archive of Australian newspapers created and maintained by the National Library of Australia. Thanks to "Anonymous" who turned me onto Trove. Photo of T. Nelson Downs and Houdini (on tiptoes) from Houdini A Pictorial Life by Milbourne Christopher.…