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2 June 1916, The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), page 7

…On the 1st of June 1916, The Royal James Hotel at Harrisville, under the ownership of Mr Sam J. Denman, was completely guttered by a fire within the early morning hours. Source link: Trove NLA - Brisbane Courier Mail, 2nd June 1916 Excerpt: “The Royal James Hotel, situated in the western end of the main street, tenanted by Mr S. H. Swan, formerly of Innisfail, and owned by Mr Sam J. Denman, of Mount Forbes, was, with its contents, completely destroyed by fire early this morning. The origin of this fire is unknown. It was the first hotel built in the town, and its destruction removes a well-known landmark of over forty years standing. This building and its contents, which included a new pianola, were insured." There was no media reports of any deaths or injuries sustained as a result of this…